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Hydro Jet
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Very often, the 'snake' can clear out whatever is causing your issue. A single sink, toilet, or shower line issue can usually be handled quickly with great success with the basic tools our pros use. There are times though, when the clog may need something more to be properly addressed. That is where the hydro jet comes in.

Perhaps your blockage is the result of years of build up of debris like grease or paper. A traditional snake may push the clog along and open up the pipes temporarily, but the issue is likely to reoccur in a short time as new debris is introduced into the line. Our high-pressure jet can clear the clog, clean the pipe walls, and send the debris into the city lines, which are much larger and can handle such things.

In some cases, we have seen tree roots infiltrate the main sewer lines that run from the home to the city. Tree roots are very good at finding water and your main sewer line is a wonderful water source. Once they get into the lines, they will continue to grow until the line is completely blocked. If caught early, our high-pressure jet can break these roots up and clear them from the line. With proper maintenance, we can keep the line clear and avoid having it become a larger problem.

Repairing a main sewer line involves digging up your yard and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Let our jet service save you the hassle and cost of such a problem.

Don’t forget outdoor drain lines!

Many folks have their gutters drain into underground pipes that get dumped away from the home, which is a great idea. These lines are very susceptible to backups from leaves and other roof debris introduced throughout the year. A thorough cleaning of these line can help prevent having water back up into your foundation, which was the purpose of these lines in the first place! Don’t wait until you have water into your basement, schedule an annual cleaning of your drain lines today!


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